Bid Consultants   

What we do

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"

Working alongside our clients as a trusted long-term partner, we offer expert, objective advice on every aspect of bid management, from developing strategy to writing proposals.

We work across a range of sectors, providing people with deep industry knowledge, leveraging both our expertise and network of talent. With an eye on the future, we address the immediate challenges our clients face, passing on our knowledge and experience where we can. We know that deep domain experience brings with it the understanding of the minutiae necessary to shape the present, predict the future and create value: we do more that write bids!

Our experts can help with develop strategy, implement bid management techniques or find effective ways to address funding issues. We help our clients tell their stories, by writing it together.

Win Strategy Development

Often having an outsider provide a different perspective can lead to insights you might never otherwise get. 

Capability Development

The Mandore Bid Management Framework provides a basis for ensuring repeated successful outcomes.

Content Creation and Review

Often our clients need help just writing stuff or polishing their existing proposals.

Bid & Proposal Management

Many companies do not want to establish permanent capability to manage bids. This is where Mandore can help...