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Board Development Programme

The Mandore Board Development programme brings a step change to the performance of your business. Through TOP TEAM development we enhance business performance, develop winning strategies and increase business value. 

Is you business sustainable?

Growing your business can be challenging. We often remain at a certain level of activity because it is comfortable. We procrastinate and don't create the capability within our organisation necessary to support growth.

Mandore takes an holistic view to developing the capability necessary to create a sustainable business. 

Our Board Development programme works on a number of levels. It helps the members : -

  • Understand the purpose of a board and what each members’ responsibilities are;
  • Develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies required to operate at board level;
  • Galvanise the board into a high performing team;
  • Perfects the board’s performance to ensure they focus on the key issues.
  • Understand the relationship between "strategic" and "operational".