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Financial Standing

We can take a comprehensive health check of your business ensuring we identify any potential issues before they have a financial or reputational impact on your organisation.
This then ensures that you are best placed to submit PQQ's, ITT's or RFI's that are supported by clear financial statements that demonstrate viability. 

Managing Cash Flow

In many instance winning additional work can put a strain on cash flow. We have a range of services that help take your business to the next level, including Process Outsourcing,  Invoice Discounting and Factoring. You can even outsource your debt recovery to our team. 


The cost of factoring receivables varies based on the size of the financing facility, the creditworthiness of your insurance providers, receivables and other criteria. Generally, costs range from 1.75% to 2 % but may go as high as 3.5% per 30 days depending upon the quality of your receivables. For more information, please fill out a request form or call us on 01282 870118 for a no-obligation chat today.

Who is eligible?

We purely fund third party receivables and do not base our decision on the firm’s balance sheet. We cater for organisations that are considering Receivable Financing as a viable option in funding their growth. This type of financing creates predictable cash flow when there are unpredictable payment cycles in the industry you operate in.