Bid Consultants   

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What makes us Mandore?

If you have managed to make it to this page, then you probably think the same way we do - values are important.

We endeavour to make every interaction with our clients memorable for the right reasons.

Our emphasis is on doing the right thing, delivering value and ensuring we leave a positive legacy. We are keen to pass on our learning and expertise, helping ensure our clients' organisations prosper. We are committed to helping our clients build successful businesses that provide an opportunity for growth, employment and investment. Being an effective consultant carries with it immense responsibility. When we go into an organisation people generally listen to our advice. We are cognisant of our role in shaping change and take this responsibility very seriously.  

Business Mentoring

We understand the power of entrepreneurship in encouraging economic growth, employment and self-reliance. Our commitment is to help other entrepreneurs develop their skills to start and lead successful businesses. We are committed to the mentoring process and are always open to requests for support from entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives who also believe in the power of mentoring.