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Helping you grow your business through the Quantum Leap program

We use a specific business development programme that is based on best practice and what we know really, really works. 

We believe that most small business need help as they try to grow, particularly when looking to take on bigger contracts. They suffer two major problems: the proprietor is often a technical expert, highly skilled and what they do. However, they often lack the breadth and depth of business knowledge they might need to move the next stage. As a consequence, their organisation is often constrained by its own capability. Both lead to lowered expectations, lack of business and personal growth and frequent owner burnout. 

The Quantum Leap Programme addresses these issues head on. It focuses on four key elements: -

  • An action plan to grow your business
  • Strategies to increase your revenue
  • Practical ways to put more profit in your pocket
  • Strategies to increase team productivity

Helping you grow your business through competitive tendering

Mandore has been very successful at helping our clients win work, increasing the turnover of many of our clients by many millions of pounds. 

Many businesses put a toe in the water and submit an initial bid for work. They can be successful, particularly in markets where the commissioner is looking to support small businesses. However, not all industries are so forgiving. 

Mandore helps our clients prepare their business for the beauty parade through a rigorous programme that addresses the specific things commissioners look for when tendering for work. For instance, have you got all your process and procedures in place? Have you got a good story to tell about engaging with your local community? Do you know what your existing customer think of you and have you got great case studies?

Mandore's Bid Management Framework provides a basis for ensuring your organisation has the competencies necessary to win the right kind of work on a regular basis.